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Pandemic of Love is a mutual aid community of care movement started in response to the COVID-19 epidemic. It was humbly spearheaded on March 14th, 2020 by one person at her kitchen table and was originally intended to help her local community. Her idea took off, spread, and now has sprouted microcommunities like this one.

We directly serve the Boulder, CO community and surrounding area.

Very simply, we connect those in need with a patron in the community who wants to help.

A week of groceries, a tank of gas, a pharmacy order, a bill that will not be forgiven. This help is meant to bridge the gap with a near-term cash shortage as a result of the pandemic crisis. This is not meant to replace your rent or your income. 

What’s the catch? There isn’t one.

Real people in need are introduced to kind people which results in honest human connection. 

Love is the virus. Love is infectious. Love is the CURE.


Questions? Email us at 

Pandemic of Love Boulder is a local, volunteer-run effort. We do not run background checks to verify circumstances nor do we verify the ability to donate prior to matching.

We assume all those with requests and making commitments join this movement with integrity, authenticity, and good will.

By using this resource, you agree to hold harmless and absolve of any/all liability Pandemic of Love, Pandemic of Love Boulder, and all associated volunteers.

Photo by Keith Cuddeback

© 2020 by pandemicofloveboulder 

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